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Hold onto your memories


For this tutorial I have taken two ideas that I saw on Pinterest. The first was this idea of taking Elmer’s glue and making your paint crackle. The second idea was to gather all the tickets you have collected that you and your significant other have done together and putting them on display in a shadow box.


  • Shadow Box
  • Elmer’s Glue (make sure its “Glue-All”)
  • 3 different colors of craft paint
  • Paint brushes- you can use three for your three colors of paint and one for glue, or you can use one paint brush and just wash in between use
  • A printer
  • “Admit One” ticket
  • Tickets

I started off by buying a plain wooden shadow box from AC Moore


Then I painted the box a creamish color. The base coat will be the color that shows through the cracks. You actually may want to practice this before you do it on your shadow box incase you don’t like it. I practiced with several different color combinations before I settled with this cream and then the orange I add later.


As the base coat is drying you can paint the inside of your box. I chose black to make it a bit more classic.


Once the base coat is dry you can start painting with the glue. I preferred to poor a bit on and then spread it out, you can go as thin or thick as you want with the glue.  Within a few seconds of painting, the glue will begin to separate which is what you want. You don’t want the glue to dry, but you do want it to be tacky. Wait about 3 minutes before you paint your top coat.


Next you want to start painting with your top coat color. Make sure that you do short-quick strokes of paint. Follow the direction of the arrows shown. You want to take the “shortest route” to the end. I started from the glass and moved my way out. Short-even strokes are the best because the less movement of the glue, the better.


Within seconds your paint will start to separate from the glue and you will already begin to see the “crackle” look


My husband cut a hole in the top of the shadow box for me so i was able to drop my tickets in and then I added this “Admit One” ticket that I got online. I just printed it, cut it out and then with elmers glue, just attached it inside the box.


Once you are done creating, drop your tickets inside that you’ve collected and display it for all to see!



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One thought on “Hold onto your memories

  1. Tucker58 on said:

    Of course as usual I love it!!!!!

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