Rusty Antiques

Rusty Pumpkin

There are so many ways to make pumpkins but this one is definitely my favorite. Its super easy and really cute!


Here is what you will need:

-12-24 mason jar lids        -orange paint

-string                                -hot glue

-paper leaves                    -a stick

*dont worry about the mason jar lids, you do not have to go out and buy 24 mason jars and steal all of the lids off of them, you can actually just buy the lids. 12 lids come in a box and this is enough to make a pumpkin, it will be a little loose though. If you get 24, your pumpkin will be really tight. I used 15 lids to make my pumpkin.



lay out your lids and use a small brush to paint them orange


Once you are done line up all of your lids in the same direction and put a piece of string through all of the holes.


Set the lids down and pull the string really tight. When the string is as tight as you think it can get, tie it.


Now you can line up all of your lids and fan them out so it looks like the picture above.


Place a dab of glue on the sides of your stick and shove it down into the hole.


Now you can cut out some paper leaves and glue them where you want them and you’re done!

*some paint may get scratched off of your lids while you are making them so you can either leave them to give them some character or touch it up with more paint.

I hope you enjoy your mason jar pumpkin! If you make one, send me pictures, I would love to see them 🙂

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