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Trash to Treasure


We bought this nightstand at a Thrift Store and I knew instantly that there was a treasure waiting to be uncovered! All I had to do was sand the top a bit by hand, prime, paint and poly!

Tools for the job:

– Sand paper (if needed)

– Primer

– Paint

– Polyurethane

– Sponge roller

– Paint Brush

– Screw Driver

First thing before you start painting:

Take out the drawers and take off the drawer handles. Then assess if your furniture needs to be sanded.

Now you can start painting!

I used two coats of Bulls Eye 1-2-3 Primer. There was no sanding needed for this primer and it covers well! Image

Next I used “hail a cab” yellow by Valspar. I didn’t need much so I got a “sample size” from Lowes. I did two coats of this color.


The last thing I did was two coats of polyurethane. Poly helps to seal everything in and makes your furniture scratch and stain resistant. My suggestion (and what I did) is use water based poly because its easier to clean and oil based can “yellow” your furniture. Remember to NEVER shake Polyurethane or you will get tiny air bubbles that will not go away.


This can be a long process, but just be patient with it and before you know it you will be done and have a gorgeous piece of furniture so stick with it, I believe in you 🙂


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3 thoughts on “Trash to Treasure

  1. Hi, nice post. These drawers are really cute. I do a lot of trash to treasure posts and I think we are kindred spirits. Well done – come check out my blog some time

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